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Basic HTML

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Section 3- Intermediate HTML II

Moving on, lets learn how to implement a little more advanced stuff in HTML, such as lists and bullets, blinking text and marquee.

what.gif (1120 bytes) Adding bullets and lists
what.gif (1120 bytes) Creating blinking text
what.gif (1120 bytes) Creating horizontal rules
what.gif (1120 bytes) The <marquee> element of IE

-Adding bullets and lists

HTML provides webmasters an easy way to create attractive bullets and lists for listing things. Before anything else, here's an example of both:

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3
  1. List 1
  2. List 2
  3. List 3

-Creating bullets

Bullets are created using the <ul> tag and the <li> sub tag for each individual bullet. Its best explained with an example:

<li>Bullet 1
<li>Bullet 2
<li>Bullet 3

-Creating lists

The syntax for (numbered) lists is very similar to bullets. Just substitute the <ul> tag with the <ol> tag:

<li>List 1
<li>List 2
<li>List 3

-Creating blinking text

The creators of HTML whipped up a special tag for use when you feel like annoying your surfers- the <blink> tag. Text wrapped inside this tag will blink:

<blink>This text is blinking. Quite irritating, don't you agree?</blink>

-Creating horizontal rules

Text can get quite cluttered inside a document; one way to separate the various chunks of text is to use the <hr> tag.

<hr width=100% size=2>

You can adjust the width and height of the rule by changing the width and size attribute, respectively.

-The <marquee> element of IE

Want to quickly and painlessly add a scroller to your page? In IE, a special <marquee> tag is supported that scrolls whatever text you put inside it. Note that this tag is ONLY supported in IE; other browsers will see the entire text, without scroll, from the start:

<marquee>If you're using IE, this text should be scrolling. Pretty cool, uh? Note that other browsers will see no scroll</marquee>

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