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Ada's Ping Tool

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Ping is an invaluable tool for testing whether a site is up or not. It sends a packet of information to the site's address, and waits for a reply from it. If you don't get a response from Ping for your site, the chances are it's currently down. Let my Ping tool test the connectivity of your site!

-Resources on CGI and beyond

-The CGI Resource: Probably the only CGI site you'll ever need. The largest and most comprehensive CGI directory on the web.
-CGI Programming 101: If you want to actually learn how to program in Perl and CGI, this is a great place to start. Easy to understand, concise tutorial on CGI programming.
-Dynamic Drive: Another popular language for adding coolness to your site is DHTML. Check out Dynamic Drive for the definitive collection of free DHTML scripts for your site.

Ada Shimar